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Van Der Valk Hotels opens a new Family Entertainment Center!

SUNVIG supplies two professional karaoke systems

The trend of Social Entertainment is increasingly visible in the Leisure and Hospitality industries, and the same goes for the hotel industry. The well-known hotel chain Van Der Valk has also seen this and opened its first Family Entertainment Center in Amersfoort to extend the hotel: Club Tucan. Here visitors can enjoy a bar, restaurant, VR games and of course, karaoke.

SUNVIG supplied the karaoke systems for Club Tucan, which has opened the door to cooperation with a new partner.

Visit Club Tucan and discover yourself!

Club Tucan has recently opened and has already received a lot of visitors. Are you curious about what Club Tucan offers, and would you like to visit this Entertainment Center yourself? Then visit the website and make an appointment.

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Social Entertainment is trending also to hoteliers!

People are increasingly looking for activities that they can participate in in a confined space with their friends, family and colleagues. Well-known examples of this are escape rooms, laser tag arenas, go-kart tracks and private karaoke rooms. As a result, the leisure and hospitality sector is on the move. The result of this trend also applies to hoteliers who are increasingly focusing on various forms of entertainment.

The Dutch Van Der Valk Hotel group is also working on this and has opened a new Family Entertainment Center next to Hotel Amersfoort, Club Tucan. In this Entertainment Center, guests and other visitors can use the restaurant, the bar, the assortment of virtual reality games, the boules courts and the two private karaoke rooms.

For the private karaoke rooms, Van Der Valk has engaged SUNVIG to supply two professional karaoke systems. The choice fell on the Karaoke Station. These are placed in a room with a Japanese theme and a room that is decorated like an Amsterdam brown bar. While enjoying a snack and a drink, the visitors of Club Tucan can sing to their heart’s content.

Van Der Valk also works with our innovative bookings partner Briq Bookings.

More bookings with multi-activity booking and scheduling with Briq Bookings

When visitors make an appointment online at Club Tucan, this appointment gets processed by Briq Bookings.

Briq Booking is a unique software system that manages the bookings in a streamlined manner and prepares a schedule so that visitors can participate in multiple activities. 

The unique benefit of Briq Bookings is that they can connect various attractions through an API, allowing Club Tucan to utilize its capacity fully. Visitors can indicate which activities they want to book via the website or an app, and Briq Bookings makes a plan for this.

Meet the Professional Station and PlayPanel!

Award-winning innovations for Karaoke Rooms, Box and Booths

A compelling, professional karaoke system designed and developed for private karaoke rooms. The Station has a slim design, a large, robust 22 inch touchscreen, built-in microphone holders, and is user-friendly. Also is this system is wall-mounted, allowing the floor underneath to be easily cleaned.

Easily place the PlayPanel on the wall, twist the key, and start the party! Made with strong, sturdy materials, this system is durable enough to withstand large audiences, without losing its inviting looks. Who wouldn’t want to join in the fun?





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