Discover our wide range of professional karaoke systems. The SUNVIG professional karaoke machines are an innovation in entertainment and provide many features. With our in-house facilities, we design, develop and manufacture all our products in the Netherlands, resulting in all our systems meeting the EU safety requirements.

If you are looking for a professional karaoke system or to upgrade your existing one, SUNVIG is your ideal partner.
We know the value of singing karaoke and its joy, because of our joint experience of over 45 years in the karaoke market.


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Professional Systems for

Karaoke Room – Box – Booth

Karaoke PlayPanel - Professional Karaoke System KTV Box Booth Private Room
Switch to the next-generation karaoke system!

Meet the Karaoke PlayPanel, SUNVIG’s newest karaoke system. Easily place this system on the wall, twist the key, and start the party! Because of its strong and durable design, unique benefits such as touchscreen, digitally integrated mixer, scoring system, videocasting, and more, the PlayPanel is an innovative karaoke machine!

Because all the licensed karaoke songs work offline, there is no need for an internet connection. Result? No streaming issues – you have a stable platform to quickly play songs in high-quality.

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Karaoke Station - Professional machine karaoke Booth - KTV - Room - Box
Self-Operating machine for Karaoke Booth, KTV, Room & Box venues

The Karaoke Station is a professional karaoke machine specifically designed for Karaoke Booth, Box, Room, and KTV venues.
It comes packed with special features like a large touchscreen, user-friendly software, vocal support, a digitally integrated mixer, scoring, and more.

With its slim, robust design, you can install the Station on the wall. It can be rebranded in many ways, like choosing the color and placing your logo on the front.

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Professional Systems for


Karaoke SingPad Professional Machine brings entertainment solution for kids and teenagers

Unique Entertainment Solution for Kids/Teenagers

Children’s Entertainment for the Hospitality, Retail or Leisure sectors

If you are looking for a unique entertainment solution for kids and teenagers, learn more about the SingPad.
Let children sing, dance and play. They love to do it – the growth of popular social media apps like TikTok prove this.

With the SingPad, you can get onboard this trend, increase your revenues, and give children a unique experience.

You can offer this entertainment solution as an upsell for private kids’ parties or as a service to keep the kids entertained and happy. Families with happy kids stay longer!

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Arcade Machine

Karaoke Kabin Box for Two-Players

Karaoke Kabin Box - Must-have arcade machine for two-players

Must-Have Arcade Machine

Are you searching for an Arcade Machine that provides an authentic, next-level experience? If so, you must see the Karaoke Kabin, the arcade machine that brings an experience your guests will never forget within just 2.5 square meters.

This system is plug-and-play, gives you a complete attraction with LED lights, a karaoke system with a scoring system for competition, robust construction, air ventilation, and more.

Go for a new innovative arcade machine, get max rewards and unique entertainment with this two-player karaoke box!

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Professional Systems for

BAR, DJ, Rental or Event companies

karaoke touch - compact professional system for dj's - bars - rental

Easy-to-connect Compact System with unique Features!

Regardless where your karaoke party takes place, this portable karaoke system is sure to please all.

Don’t be fooled by the Karaoke Touch’s size – this system is a true professional. Because of its user-friendly connection options, such as XLR microphone inputs, HDMI and audio output, this system is very easy to install.

Do you have no audio mixer available? You don’t need it, because the system already has a fully digital built-in audio mixer. This makes the Karaoke Touch the best system for DJs, rental companies, and event companies.

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Professional Machine


Karaoke Wall - Professional Karaoke Machine Jukebox

Plug and Play Mobile Jukebox

Perfect Solution for Events and Rental professionals

Are you ready to party? Set the tone with the Karaoke Wall – our fantastic plug-and-play mobile jukebox.
The only thing you need for this professional karaoke machine is a wall outlet. The Karaoke Wall turns any room into a karaoke party with just one click! It comes with a high-quality sound system, karaoke touchscreen, high definition lyric screen, licensed songs, and more to offer your visitors a smooth, easy and fun experience.

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What makes SUNVIG Professional Karaoke Systems different?

SUNVIG is a total supplier of Karaoke Entertainment. Compared to other suppliers, we do not rely on selling tablets with apps or clunky karaoke equipment with illegal karaoke songs.

With this approach, we avoid common issues, like fragility and clutter caused by cables and loose equipment. If you run a karaoke entertainment business, you want to give your visitors the best experience. Our systems have many features for all customers’ utmost convenience, such as a user-friendly software interface, digital integrated mixer, videocasting, and a scoring system. This makes for a true karaoke experience!

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All technical cables and equipment stored safely

SUNVIG products have all cables and equipment built into one machine, making it look neat and preventing unnecessary clutter.

Because of all the safety requirements, our systems give a maximal experience, while being safe to use. Our systems can withstand water and spilt beverages and can easily be cleaned.

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Is it available in my country?

To run a Karaoke Entertainment Business, you must always have a valid music license. Every country has its own rules, but SUNVIG can deliver and provide in many areas. Please contact us if you are interested in our Karaoke Business Solutions.

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How do I reach customer service?

club sunvig

Service is one of the core essentials of SUNVIG. Whether you are taking your first steps into the world of karaoke or if you already are a valued customer of SUNVIG, we are always happy to help.

Our customers receive access to the exclusive Club SUNVIG. On this platform, we give information about the production schedule of songs, software updates, FAQs, helpful tutorials, and a spare parts shop.

It is also possible to contact our support team by e-mail, phone or chat on Club SUNVIG. If necessary, our support team is able to take over your karaoke system to fix your issues.

Our Club SUNVIG webshop offers many essential spare parts, like microphones, battery chargers, touchscreens, aroma diffusers, microphone covers, and many more.

We do more!

We have the vision to produce exquisite karaoke products – created by unique Dutch Design, with user-friendliness, practicality, and safety as our main focuses.


Besides our innovation, we are also looking for ways to create environment-friendly products in line with our environmental beliefs. Therefore, according to RoHS guidelines, we produce and have researched and applied methods to make our systems use less energy.

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