All our systems are designed and produced in the Netherlands—they also meet all EU safety requirements. Please have a look at our range and find the perfect karaoke products for your needs.


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Social Entertainment Is The Future

The way people spend their free time is going to change rapidly.

That’s why a karaoke concept is one of the best business models available for social entertainment.

Why choose a SUNVIG Karaoke System?

SUNVIG produces exquisite karaoke products; created by unique Dutch Design, with user friendliness, practicality and safety as our main focuses. This results in professional karaoke products that come with lots of benefits over other solutions.

Many suppliers rely on tablets with apps to supply their customers with a functioning karaoke solution. However, this approach has disadvantages, like fragility and clutter caused by cables and loose equipment. SUNVIG believes this is not the right approach to provide karaoke. Our systems have many features for all customers’ utmost convenience.


Our products have all their cables and equipment built into one machine, which looks clean and prevents unnecessary clutter.

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Professional User-Friendly Interface

User-friendly software interface looks neat and works very intuitive, giving your customers a true karaoke experience.

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SUNVIG is always looking for ways to create environment-friendly products, in line with our environmental beliefs. We produce according to RoHS guidelines and have researched and applied ways to make our systems use up less energy.

The future is green.

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SUNVIG is keenly aware of the importance of stellar hygiene, especially amid this pandemic. That is why our systems have as few edges and rims as possible. This makes them easy to clean.

But, that’s not all: we provide various solutions to keep private karaoke rooms sanitary. At Club SUNVIG, you will find a range of UVC systems, microphone covers and cleaning sprays.

UV-C Disinfection Systems

UV-C radiation has been used for years as a disinfectant for air, surfaces, objects and water. All viruses and bacteria tested, including the COVID-19 virus, respond to UV-C disinfection. These systems can contribute to increasing the safety and comfort in karaoke rooms.

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