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This week, at SUNVIG, we have launched the first of seven private karaoke rooms we will be building in Belgium. The first one to officially receive their microphones is AB E-Karting Antwerp. Both SUNVIG and the customer are incredibly proud to show the result to the world.

At SUNVIG, we believe you can build a private karaoke room in any given space. This week, we proved this thought by implementing a karaoke experience in an old sea container. This was a special assignment for one of our Belgian customers, AB E-Karting.

To realize the concept, we have been involved in the project from the design to the construction. With Filip, the owner of AB E-Karting, we produced a plan to give the sea container a warm, cozy feeling with an industrial look. We came up with plans regarding capacity, comfort, acoustics, airflow, lighting, scent diffusing, and of course, the right karaoke system.

Old Situation of this sea container

Which system are we going to use in this private karaoke room?

We soon concluded our Karaoke Wall was the right fit for this project. So, this system was installed. The metal container formed a challenge because metal easily conducts vibrations and noise, and we wanted no sound to escape the room to not disturb other guests. That is why we installed extra layers of isolation behind the Karaoke Wall to intercept the vibrations. Now, the singers inside the container can barely be heard from the outside.

The interior of the room was an interesting challenge. How do you create a warm atmosphere in a cold steel container? To start the process, we painted the walls. The color we chose was turquoise blue. Next, we placed carpet tiles in mixed grey tones on the floor. One wall was covered in mirror tiles to make the space look bigger than it is. The other wall was covered in wooden slats to bring in some warm colors.

SUNVIG is reinventing karaoke box with innovations

Another way to add some ambiance was by placing curtains next to the Karaoke Wall and in the middle of the room. The curtains in the middle are particularly important, as they can be closed to hide half of the room. This makes the space more intimate when a small group of people is using the room. When the curtains are open, 12 to 16 people can fit in the room. There is space for 6 to 8 people when the curtains are closed—without losing the cozy feeling.

But, most important, we installed effective lighting. These lights are the biggest eye-catchers in the karaoke room. On both sides, we placed neon lights capable of creating any atmosphere you want. The colors and their pattern can be changed with a DMX controller placed on the wall. This way, visitors can change the lighting themselves to match their party’s mood.

The first one to officially receive the microphones in Belgium!

SUNVIG is proud to present the room to Filip from AB E-Karting, who has been ecstatic with the result. We were able to officially hand him the microphones on the first day he could re-open, making this another accomplished mission. We wish Filip the best of luck with his newly opened karaoke room.

This has been one of many private karaoke rooms we will be opening in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Stay up to date with our blogs to read more business cases, or visit our LinkedIn page to ensure you never miss any news.

Marcel - ceo SUNVIG gives micrphones karaoke - Filip Antwerp Bowling AB E-karting - Belgium

What a team SUNVIG is - it is unbelievable! These guys know how to create an experience. Not only that, they have the expertise and know-how to transform my shipping container into a true karaoke experience. I wanted to add karaoke to my collection for such a long time, but the only suppliers I could find just wanted to sell me a subscription.

I am still shaking with the result. It's such good work - what a thrill! I know my colleagues are getting the same experience in another theme, I am also excited that the day we can re-open is finally here.

Meeus FilipAntwerp Bowling - Belgium

The SUNVIG karaoke experience never stops

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