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Are you searching for the Ultimate Karaoke Sound Experience?

SUNVIG innovates with the Award-Winning Audio supplier AUDAC!

The true karaoke experience is all about audio quality. SUNVIG Karaoke Business Solutions is constantly innovating and improving solutions for business karaoke entertainment. In an effort to take the next step, SUNVIG partnered with Audac Professional. Together, we developed the perfect audio experience, offering your visitors crystal clear and full sound, as well as the feeling of performing in an actual concert hall – accomplished in only 20 square meters.

Many private karaoke rooms have utilised Bose sound systems for years. And while there is nothing specifically wrong with these systems, we still think there is room for improvement. Given that our studios produce songs in 24-bit audio, we were looking for a system to complement this quality. So, we came to AUDAC, and together with our engineers, we put together the best speakers, amplifiers, and software settings.

AUDAC Karaoke Audio Solution - Top Speaker


Dominic van der HeidenCEO - AudioBizz Benelux B.V. - AUDAC

Customers feel like performing on a live stage!

AUDAC Karaoke Audio Solution - Subwoofer

The result of this collaboration is a selection of audio profiles with which the ultimate sound experience can be delivered. For example, we have chosen to use AUDAC’s special subwoofer mounted on the wall. The usage of this subwoofer eliminates the need to place a large one on the floor. At the same time, we can still have the bass, the low notes, and full sound across the spectrum. As a side bonus, this looks much neater in a small karaoke booth.

In addition to the above, the top speakers from AUDAC, with crystal clear high tone drivers like the VEXO8/B, perfectly fit into the karaoke experience that SUNVIG wants to provide, taking a private room to the next level. By fitting AUDAC’s amplifier with this unique karaoke profiles, we ensure that feedback, or the squeaking or ringing of the microphones, is set to minimise this. This makes the entire process a harmonious ensemble.

Alongside AUDAC, SUNVIG developed three audio configurations available to use among diverse karaoke concepts.


Since 1992, the Belgian audio brand AUDAC has been producing professional audio systems. With their unrelenting passion for sound and music, the engineers of AUDAC ensure their customers can fully enjoy a true audio experience.

AUDAC is driven by innovation, design and good cooperation with clients — this requirement is how AUDAC and SUNVIG found each other.

Together with the dealer of AUDAC in the Netherlands, AudioBizz, we have created a product to add value to any karaoke room, booth or box.


Go for the best Karaoke Sound Experience with SUNVIG and AUDAC!

We know that every room is different. However, when you choose a professional SUNVIG karaoke system, combined with the AUDAC audio system, you are assured of an experience catapulting you ahead of the competition. Our audio engineers will check the installation done by SUNVIG to see if the sound is appropriately adjusted. Every room is different and will react differently. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is to deliver a sound no other system can.

AUDAC and SUNVIG have also applied this audio configuration in our Karaoke Experience Center. Given the diverse systems we have set up here, you can hear the difference between the different brands, which allows us to fully inform you about it.

SUNVIG has not been idle lately. As the SUNVIG brand continues to grow, a renewal of our showroom was a logical step.

In the past weeks, our team has done everything to give the Experience Center a new look. Soon, we will start with the demo days, and we will officially reopen our doors for all interested customers. Curious? Make an appointment here. You are most welcome!

Do you want to listen?

Come to our improved Karaoke Experience Center!

We have set up a demonstration room with an AUDAC audio installation.

Make an appointment

This fall, SUNVIG comes with unique innovations!

Besides our Karaoke Sound Experience with AUDAC, our Studios are working hard on new karaoke songs to continue new karaoke songsNew karaoke songs allow us to provide our systems with trending music and match the different countries we deliver.

We continue to make daily strides in Scandinavia. The same applies in the Netherlands, our home country, where we are busy building private karaoke rooms and assembling and delivering our professional karaoke systems.

A new innovative product is coming!

To add to the excitement, this year, an entirely new product is coming.

We are not talking about a new model of karaoke system, but a completely different innovation for running a karaoke business. For now, this is a top-secret product, but we will not launch unnoticed. Several partners are involved in this project, which will expand the possibilities of the karaoke market even further.

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    SUNVIG’s Karaoke PlayPanel takes the lead in sales!

    Our youngest system, the Karaoke PlayPanel, has now firmly established itself. This system is proving to be in high demand and is already being installed by several customers. The PlayPanel is a tremendously enjoyable system and will play a leading role in the new innovation.

    It’s fair to say SUNVIG has been very active recently; our brand is growing, and we are ready for it.

    Are you curious what SUNVIG can do for your business? Please contact us. Together, we will look at the possibilities.

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