All SUNVIG’s systems run on our innovative karaoke software. Professionals developed this software to bring your visitors’ experiences to the next level. With its many features, options, and additions, this software is truly unique and works like no other karaoke program on the market.


Clear, intuitive user interface

Our karaoke software appeals to any target group, with user-friendliness as a main focus. This makes our systems accessible for anyone to guarantee a joyous experience for you and your visitors.

Find songs by title, artist, lyrics, genre or by playlist

Finding a song is easy. Look up a song title or an artist to find what you are looking for. Don’t know the title? Our engine can also find a song’s lyrics. Or, when you are not looking for a specific song, you can also choose by genre or consult our collection of musical playlists.

Rebrand the software to match your company style

Just like our hardware, our karaoke software can be rebranded to fit your company’s style. Upload your logo, set your video background or customize the background music. All is possible to extend the experience.

Helt integrerad digital ljudblandare

Mix up volume, tempo or key using our advanced audio mixer. Because this mixer is digitally integrated, there is no need for separate equipment. This prevents clutter, such as loose cables. Your visitors can play around with the audio settings, which you can set back to default with one click.

Fun features like scoring and vocal coaching

The fun is just starting. With our karaoke software’s many fun features, your visitors will have the time of their lives. Add a competitive element with the scoring system or help the singers through live vocal coaching.

Includes our extensive song catalog

Karaoke software is nothing without a good song catalog. But no worries, our extensive catalog of multi-language songs is available on all systems and regularly gets updated.