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A cruise ship is full of entertainment. If your guests are out at sea for a long while, you don’t want them to get bored. So, karaoke is a wonderful way to keep them entertained and make their trip one to remember.



A private karaoke room, also known as a party box or KTV booth, is an excellent addition to a cruise ship. Guests will be on board the ship for a long period, so they will need forms of entertainment. Karaoke can be a great option.

When looking for a way to present your guests with karaoke, consider whether the systems will work when you are miles out into the ocean. With a karaoke system from SUNVIG, it is no problem.

Our systems have their software and song catalog stored internally, meaning you are not reliant on a stable internet connection. You only need Wi-Fi once every 30 days to download any software or catalog updates.

Allow your guests to spend time with their fellow travellers to unwind and relax with a karaoke performance. Our systems are robust, safe, licensed, easy to clean, and most of all, fun.

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More than exclusive and private

Let your guests decorate their suites with a karaoke suite upsell. Our Karaoke Touch is a compact system that your guests can rent to have a karaoke party in their rooms or be a good addition to a luxury suite.

Because it requires no problematic wiring scheme and has a built-in audio mixer, anyone can install and use it. You can easily connect the Karaoke Touch to any television.

The Karaoke Touch will be the life of any cocktail party, captain’s diner party, or private suite party.

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Do you know why SUNVIG has the best solutions for Cruise Liners?



When you offer cruises that allow children on board, you must understand the importance of kids’ entertainment. If a child is confined to one space, they need to have enough distractions to make their trip memorable.

With our Karaoke SingPad, you can give them the chance to have a wonderful time with their friends or with their whole family.

This entertainment system has a function that filters explicit words, allowing children to have fun in a safe environment.

If children are happy, parents will be satisfied too. As a result, a karaoke solution on board your ship is a priceless upsell.

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Karaoke can be a great expansion for your on-board arcade gallery. We have designed an arcade karaoke system that gives up to two players a fantastic karaoke experience within just 2.5 square meters.

This system allows people to compete and earn as many points as possible with their performance.

This attraction will lead to lots of enthusiasm among guests. Past results have shown that a karaoke box like this one can generate revenues between 500 and 750 dollars a day!

Perfect for Cruise Liners!

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Kabin Two-player Box

Karaoke Business Concepts are suitable for a wide range of sectors


SUNVIG supplies complete karaoke solutions. We are a provider of several plug-and-play, easy-to-implement karaoke systems for your company. Nonetheless, we are determined to take our commitment a step further. That's why we have a range of different karaoke concepts that will create a true experience for your customers. We can help you with the design process, and make your dreams a reality.
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01. Forskning

Our team of staff members will listen to your wishes and research the possibilities, following your specific plans and expectations. From there, we can move on to the crucial next step: design.

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02. Design

We create a design based on your wishes and our industry experience. With this design, we take soundproofing, capacity and the research we conducted in step 1 into account. When we have delivered something perfectly to your liking, we move on to the last step: develop.

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03. Utveckla

Based on the deal we made, we can build your whole concept on location or send you the parts so you can set up your concept individually.

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