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Scandinavia, here we come!

At SUNVIG, we make sure our customers all across Europe can receive the best possible karaoke solution. With our amazing products and catalog, we let your visitors experience this unique form of entertainment for themselves. Because of the release of our new catalog with songs from Scandinavia, two of our sales representatives are currently travelling through Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

If you are an entertainment provider with karaoke as an attraction, or if you have been thinking of implementing karaoke into your business, you also need karaoke songs in the local language. 

The karaoke experience isn’t complete without a song catalog that meets everybody’s wishes

We understand this is necessary, and we are the right company to help you with this solution. As a provider for karaoke entertainment, you want to give your customers songs in their language besides the English content.

For Scandinavia, we are far ahead in the process of a wide range of songs and, therefore, the time for our sales team to take action and go to show our newest Karaoke PlayPanel and let people use and listen to the karaoke songs. The game score is also working on the Scandinavian karaoke songs, so the game is ON!

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Karaoke PlayPanel

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Building a new stock of Karaoke PlayPanels for Scandinavia

As a result, this is a good time for our sales team to travel through Scandinavia to show our products. Two of our representatives will visit bars, bowling alleys and family entertainment centers to tell them about the popularity of karaoke and our brand. With our freshly built stock of Karaoke PlayPanels, they will travel all across Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Are you running a company in Denmark, Norway or Sweden and would you like them to help you find the right karaoke solution? Are you looking for an upgrade to your existing karaoke system? Or are you interested in the possibilities for other countries? Get in touch!

Are you interested in a Professional Karaoke Solution?

We can help you with providing professional karaoke systems, karaoke turnkey concepts or giving advice on how to run a karaoke business.



Find all our songs here for Sweden, Denmark and Norway

Marcel van Ketel, one of the founders and CEO of SUNVIG Karaoke Business Solutions, also visits some studios working for us. They are pleased that through the COVID pandemic, they could work on the best Scandinavian karaoke catalog ever made for karaoke businesses. We are enormously proud to work with such a big team for Scandinavia with more than 20 people from musicians, vocalists and mixers.

Did you know that SUNVIG is now one of the biggest producers of Karaoke Songs in Europe, with an average of 60 song releases a week?

We can produce songs for Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, K-Pop with Korean vocalists, Spanish with our south-America and Spanish crew, Tagalog and more. 

Curious about our productions and quality? Please go to our YouTube channel or our catalog page to listen to demos.

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