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Like this cozy cottage

This customer presented us with the question of providing his private house with a professional karaoke system, which is a daily question for us.

When our sales manager was visiting the location, he was surprised. Behind the house, there was an adorable garden cottage. It was so lovely; he could not believe it.

So, of course, we install a karaoke solution in a private house transformed for home cinema, playground for children, or a private pub. We liked this challenge, so we took the order.

Which karaoke system?

Together with the customer, we have chosen for the compact system of SUNVIG:  Karaoke Touch.

This is our smallest solution, which is perfect for placing on a table or 19”rack-mountable rack. We hung the television screens at an angle on the roof, and because of the half-round sit, we installed two television screens.

Our technical team faced the challenge of creating the possibility to divide and synchronize the television screens by using a phone app. With this solution, the customer wants to have a situation that both screens could show the karaoke lyrics, or just one, while the other shows different content.

Apres ski or Christmas?

Our technicians installed the equipment in December, meaning the private cottage was completely decorated in Christmas style, making it look more straight coming from a ski resort. Only the snow was missing.

Singing Karaoke in Ski Resorts is becoming more popular


We see many ski resorts recently investing in Karaoke Business Solutions. The opportunity to sing together and have fun makes karaoke a strong concept. We understand the demand for it.

That’s also why our catalog of SUNVIG has a lot of après ski and schlager songs. Still, our studios are busy preparing songs in anticipation of next season. Check our professional karaoke systems and our catalog.

You can also think about the Private Karaoke Rooms solution as an Apres Ski concept.

Karaoke Concepts for Hotel and Holiday Resorts you can find here.

SUNVIG has installed, because of the cottage’s safety and the size of the cottage, all cables and equipment concealed behind the sofa, ceiling bars, and installed a cable duct all around the cottage. We only ever install karaoke

The final result was amazing, leaving the customer very happy! After installation, they started singing directly.

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