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O’Learys, an informal event restaurant chain, active in Europe and Asia, has opened its doors in the Netherlands. In The Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam, a new establishment has opened, supervised by René Bogaart. Here, visitors of the enormous mall can enjoy a nice meal, have fun with the various arcade machines, play bowling with friends and family, or rent a private karaoke room. And that last activity is where SUNVIG comes into play.

Five original karaoke rooms with SUNVIG’s Karaoke Station

Karaoke Booth: Glitter club (Room Capacity: 24 people)

Karaoke Booth: Tino Dome (Room Capacity: 18 people)

Last year, René Bogaart approached us with his plans to open an O’Learys establishment of 4.000 square meters spread out over 3,5 floors. He was going to fill this restaurant with many activities, including bowling, darting, arcade machines, and karaoke, and he wanted help selecting the right karaoke system. He chose SUNVIG to support him because of our expertise and our professional systems.

O’Learys would take on the construction of the rooms, and we would deliver the karaoke systems and fulfil an advisory role in the process. All five rooms received their own theme; one of them is themed in après ski style. The other is made to resemble the television show Temptation Island, while the next one has a disco theme.

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The two remaining rooms have special themes. One of them is filled with nostalgic pictures from Café Het Biggetje, the cafe where it all started for René, while the last one is named after a famous Dutch artist, Tino Martin. This room, the Tino Dome, is the first room in the Netherlands themed around an artist and is the new home to Tino Martin’s original golden records. The room also contains chairs from the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, one of the Netherlands’ most well-known concert halls.

Rene sees O'Learys in the Netherlands as the first "All Family Entertainment Center"

René BogaartOwner Big Horeca

SUNVIG prides itself in its rebranding options. That’s why all themes have been implemented in the systems and the software as well. O’Learys has been the first to receive Karaoke Stations with their logo laser cut in the door. A LED panel lights up this logo to make it pop. Our software was made to fit the rooms. With customized background videos and background music, the rooms have all received personalised finishing touches. The five stations were installed in close collaboration with O’Learys’ technical suppliers to guarantee seamless integration of the karaoke concept.

On the first night the karaoke rooms opened for visitors, two of SUNVIG’s representatives were present to ensure the rooms worked the way they are supposed to and to help streamline the process. This is one of SUNVIG’s additional services.

It doesn’t stop with just selling you a system, license, or app: we ensure you maximise your karaoke experience.

Are you interested in your own karaoke concept?

Will you follow in the footsteps of O’Learys? SUNVIG is happy to help you. Our service consists of fabricating professional karaoke systems, an amazing song catalog, and personal private karaoke room designs.

Our customers praise us for our flexibility. In collaboration with you, we ensure you receive the karaoke concept that fits you, your brand, and your location. We advise you in choosing the right karaoke system, produce new songs you want your visitors to enjoy, and have many rebranding options for our systems and software.

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SUNVIG is proud to have been able to help make this project possible.

We thank René and O’Learys for their trust and hope to maintain our close bond.


O’Learys is a gigantic restaurant chain that has recently set foot on Dutch soil. Their restaurants carry a sports bar theme and offer their visitors various activities. In the Netherlands, O’Learys’ restaurants form an additional experience to the retail concept of the Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam. When the shops close, the restaurant turns into a leisure experience where people can enjoy themselves until late into the night.

Altogether, O’Learys is no ordinary restaurant; it’s not even an ordinary family entertainment center. With their extensive experience, O’Learys will keep expanding across the rest of Europe.

Because the trend of social entertainment is growing, SUNVIG has been preparing for our clients to go international. Therefore, SUNVIG Studios are producing songs from all around the globe. This way, our karaoke concepts can be implemented anywhere, giving our customers room to grow their businesses.

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