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Social Entertainment is the future!

The changes of leisure spending anno 2021

COVID-19 has changed our world drastically. We have been social distancing for a long time to prevent the coronavirus from spreading; we are craving contact with loved ones. The lockdowns many countries have faced created many difficulties. But luckily, it has brought us opportunities, too.

As more people get vaccinated, and the virus gets fewer chances to spread, we are seeing a shift in the way people approach entertainment. The way we meet and interact with each other differs from before.

Recent studies have shown that Family Entertainment Centers in Northern Europe have been more popular than ever. This is because people are looking for ways to meet each other again safely. We less frequently visit bars or clubs and rather not invite people into our homes anymore. Instead, we want to go out and still have the same social experience.

People start meeting each other in new locations; places where they can participate in a shared activity. That is the visible trend.

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Everyone has been missing friends, family and loved ones. That’s why it’s time for new experiences!

That’s one of SUNVIG’s core beliefs. We have missed our friends and family and want to experience new adventures together. This is exactly why people visit escape rooms, VR games, bowling alleys, and go-kart tracks. Family Entertainment Centers that provide a broad experience, with multiple activities and the possibility to eat and drink, have become more popular in recent times.

European numbers show the average size of social groups has also decreased. This, combined with local safety regulations, means people are looking for a private way to be entertained. Thus, karaoke is a great form of alternative amusement during and after the pandemic.

What is the difference between KTV, Karaoke Box, Karaoke Booth and Private Karaoke Room?

All these names are the same concept.

Private karaoke rooms, also known as KTV booths or Party Boxes, offer visitors secure and private environments where they can have fun with their friends and family. It’s perfect as a Social Entertainment concept.

We have seen the popularity of these karaoke rooms rise, and increasing numbers of clients in the Hospitality and Leisure sectors have been expanding their business by building one.

With SUNVIG’s services, any leftover room can be transformed into a private karaoke room. With this new room, you can attract new customers or retain customers for longer than usual. An average restaurant guest will usually visit an establishment for 90 to 120 minutes a time. When presented with the possibility to add a karaoke experience to their visit, this could increase by one or two hours.

Fokus på hygiene

SUNVIG has teamed up with a Belgian manufacturer to research Private Karaoke Rooms and how we can help companies ensure guests’ safety during and after the pandemic. We deploy  UVC disinfection systems that have been scientifically researched and actively reduce viruses, bacteria, and aerosols.

UVC radiation has been used for over 100 years as a disinfectant for air, surfaces, objects, and water. All viruses and bacteria tested to date, including the COVID-19 virus, respond to the UVC disinfection method we employ. These systems can contribute to increasing the safety and comfort in all of our karaoke rooms.

UVC Disinfection Systems are exclusively available at Club SUNVIG


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SUNVIG is keenly aware of the importance of stellar hygiene. A karaoke system needs to be cleaned regularly and efficiently, especially amid worrying times. We anticipated this need by integrating our mixers into the software, which means the machines don’t have unnecessary buttons or knobs—the result is a more refined, easier to clean system. Everything is displayed on one touchscreen.

Hele systemet er designet med så få felger og kanter som mulig; selv berøringsskjermene har en sømløs overgang til konstruksjonen. Våre produkter har glatte overflater designet for å gjøre rengjøringen enkel.

Koble til oss


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This year’s innovation is scent diffusers that we have further developed with an aroma specialist in the Netherlands, for our karaoke concepts. We searched for a system that does not impact the voice while singing and does not emit excessive odor intensity that may make your guests nauseous. You can also match themed fragrances to the interior of the karaoke room.

This is an experience for guests’ every sense! The smell will always be connected to the amazing memories they have of the karaoke room.

Aroma diffusers have a second benefit as well. If visitors rotate frequently, you don’t have to worry about one group leaving a nasty smell for the next.

Do you have multiple karaoke rooms next to each other? No problem. We have aroma templates that can be mixed in your central room.

Aroma systems are exclusively available at Club SUNVIG

Think outside box!

Hotels or holiday resorts can also foresee karaoke’s popularity by renting out systems as an upsell to their suites or cottages. Our systems are easy to install and require no staff to operate them. This way, guests may use the system as they like without the worry of strangers needed to assist with the operation.

So, yes, social entertainment can be key to making your business flourish during and after these strange times. SUNVIG has designed its systems to fit this emerging trend. The systems are user friendly and stimulate interaction between social groups. We have chosen not to allow people to connect their phones to select songs: we believe phones only cause a distraction and create individuality in an experience that should be shared. Bringing people together by using large, central screens has enhanced visitors’ appreciation of the karaoke product.

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Vi lager fantastiske ting hver dag!

Karaoke Business Concepts are suitable for a wide range of sectors


SUNVIG supplies complete karaoke solutions. We are a provider of several plug-and-play, easy-to-implement karaoke systems for your company. Nonetheless, we are determined to take our commitment a step further. That's why we have a range of different karaoke concepts that will create a true experience for your customers. We can help you with the design process, and make your dreams a reality.
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01. Undersøkelser

Our team of staff members will listen to your wishes and research the possibilities, following your specific plans and expectations. From there, we can move on to the crucial next step: design.

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02. Design

We create a design based on your wishes and our industry experience. With this design, we take soundproofing, capacity and the research we conducted in step 1 into account. When we have delivered something perfectly to your liking, we move on to the last step: develop.

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03. Utvikle

Based on the deal we made, we can build your whole concept on location or send you the parts so you can set up your concept individually.

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