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Do you want to give your customers something extra? Set up a karaoke experience in your shop or in your mall to attract more customers. Retail Karaoke sounds strange, but it works!





Shopping centers are increasingly innovating with family entertainment and visitor experience. You see an increasing emphasis on children’s play areas, game rooms, and the experience of tasting food, pop-up stores with special clothing lines, and live music. To keep possible shoppers from buying online, retail is doing a lot more than before to attract shoppers.

Retail Karaoke Entertainment for children is attractive, because if the children enjoy themselves, the parents will stay longer and thus buy more.

Therefore, the age group of 2-7 years is usually well provided with indoor activities, but the age group of 7 years and older is less, while this group can cause parents to stay shorter rather than longer.

SUNVIG understands this problem and therefore developed a plug-and-play karaoke system, allowing children to sing, dance, and play.

Since this system is self-supporting and children can operate it, it requires no staff. However, we do recommend that the SingPad is retailed with wired microphones.

Some unique features of the SingPad include the ability to disable Explicit songs, so curse words that appear in songs cannot be sung.

So, why is the SingPad so special?

It fills the gap of ages 7 and over, but especially the social media generation: users of TikTok are engaged in dancing, singing, and playing. Discover more about the SingPad



We all know the rocking horse in front of the supermarket, but you see more complete arcade areas that attract young and old alike in shopping malls. It is not only the experience given, but for the retail industry, it is essential that besides shopping, relaxation is also offered.

For more experience, SUNVIG has created with the Karaoke Kabin, a two-player arcade box, an attraction that at 2.5m2 provides fun. It will attract people, and when guests use it, it gives them a lifetime memory. The result is that the shopping center will always stay connected through the experience of the Karaoke Kabin.

Who would sing in a shopping mall? Retail Karaoke?

Shoppers have changed, and this calls for innovation. Karaoke singing is popular, and the strongest target group of 21-40 is precisely the group with a different experience with karaoke singing than people who are older or who have no feeling about it.

For example, how many photos and videos do we take every day now with our smartphones? How much is shared in person on social media? That group is precisely the group that embraces these attractions.

How can dad refuse when his daughter asks to sing a song?

Experience is innovation; think out-of-the-box.

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