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Creating a karaoke environment on an airport or station makes travellers’ trips more worthwhile. Give them a trip to remember with fond memories that start from their departure.

Even waiting will become a fun activity with a karaoke solution.


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Your vacation is about to begin! With friends, you are going a few days away, starting at the airport or the station. However, the waiting, the transfer, and lugging the suitcases.

But, once you are through customs and waiting to leave, for example, the journey begins. The shops, bars, and coffee corners are plenty to keep you entertained. The entertainment must be there and what connects more than singing to each other! Then you will find a cozy bar or café and there you can sing karaoke, which connects, gives an ultimate feeling of being together, and most importantly, it relaxes you.

That is why it is an excellent form of entertainment for a bar or café at an airport or station that appeals to a broad audience with a SUNVIG karaoke system with many multilingual songs.

Whether you’re standing there as a German, Dutch, English, or French dancing queen, we all know. No other form of entertainment provides togetherness like karaoke!

Are you a catering establishment that operates in a public space, and do you want your hospitality business to stay connected forever in the memories of your guests? Then karaoke is your concept!

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How hard is it to entertain children in a public area, such as an airport? That can be quite a challenge, but SUNVIG Karaoke Business Solutions responds very smartly to this target group.

Small children up to 7 years old can still be entertained a little through small attractions, but the target group 7 years and older are already challenging to entertain without a good Wi-Fi connection. We have developed the Karaoke SingPad, the singing, dancing, and playing system that makes it possible to appeal to this target group.

Why is the SingPad the right solution for this group?

Children these days are rapidly developing. Take, for example, the first steps on social media such as TikTok and not having a real sense of shame. They easily connect with peers and love singing, dancing, and playing. Advantage? They can do it all with the SingPad.

In addition, our SUNVIG studios ensure that song content continues to match this target group. The SingPad is the next step of the traditional children’s corner that fits in with an older target group. With the SingPad, any public environment would take a significant step in innovation and benefit directly from the technology!

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SUNVIG comes up with the solution for public areas with the Karaoke Kabin, the arcade box for two-player! Make the wait pleasant and get into the Karaoke Kabin with a friend. This breakthrough in arcade machines offers wonderfully fun entertainment.

After you enter the booth, the touchscreen invites you to pick out a well-known song, and after making payment, you can perform your singing skills together or only. The system gives a score after you or your performance, and with that, you can do it again for a better score or to sing another song. The Karaoke Kabin has air circulation for comfort, the headphones give crystal clear sound, and the windows on the left and right can be blinded at the touch of a button so that you can go private.

The target group of the Karaoke Kabin box is 7 years and older. This is a wonderful opportunity and an experience forever connected to the location, so an airport, station, museum and so on.

The Karaoke Kabin is a must-have arcade machine you can’t miss!

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Kabin Box

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