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Getting more revenue with Private Karaoke Rooms in your Restaurant?

Karaoke entertainment is a worldwide trend!

If you are looking for ways to increase your restaurant’s revenue, then you should definitely consider adding karaoke entertainment. Karaoke can be a fun and exciting way to bring in new customers and keep current customers coming back. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits of karaoke for restaurants and give you tips on getting started.
The food and beverage industry is searching for all kinds of ways to extend the time customers spend in their restaurants.

SUNVIG understands these demands! To have a private party, a group of people can reserve a private karaoke room/booth before or after dinner. Besides singing karaoke, SUNVIG provides solutions such as streaming, playing quizzes, or allowing guests to connect their devices for presentations.

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Especially youngsters love it so much. Showing musical talent is making it so popular across the globe. Through music, we connect with each other. Many non-professional singers are coming into the limelight.


The restaurant-chain Pavarotti welcomes the idea for fun and extends the time guests visit! They are now hosting five private karaoke booths in Leiden (The Netherlands) and will expand this concept to more of their establishments. This service offers the opportunity for guest groups to sing their heart out without worrying about anyone else hearing what's coming out of those speakers.Pavarotti has made this smart choice of standing out from the competition by giving customers a unique and differentiated experience.

Working With The Best!

SUNVIG is capable of providing an incredible array of services that can help you achieve your goals with Karaoke Entertainment.
We are going even further by offering quizzes for team building, sports teams, and bachelor parties, among others. Also, we are offering the facilities for streaming your favorite content or a laptop screen for presentations!

SMARTcontrol Karaoke Entertainment Restaurant Pavarotti

SMARTcontrol is an innovative breakthrough in the karaoke business!

First, most of our competitors only offer streaming apps for karaoke and are not the Experience we should offer when you can do so many more things. That is why we have developed a wide range of professional karaoke systems with more opportunities.

Secondly, why can you not control your private karaoke room by audio, video, lighting, air conditioning, power, and more from one point of sale desk? Also, the integration by an API between your website and our system.

Third, is a private karaoke room only suitable for karaoke? What is the difference between a meeting room and a private karaoke room? With the launch of SMARTcontrol, SUNVIG shows the gamechanger!

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With SUNVIG's solutions, we know that we have the best karaoke entertainment, a trend that we see growing!

Rene Bogaart (Left) - Don Bogaart (Right)Owner Restaurant chain Pavarotti
SMARTcontrol logo SUNVIG Professional Karaoke System

A Private Room already has Lighting, Audio, Microphones, Television screen, air condition, decoration and sound isolation. SMARTcontrol allows you to rent it out as:

Meeting Room

9am - 4pm

Use because of SMARTcontrol your room as an inspiring Meeting room, Workspace or Creative Point.

Team Building Activities

4pm - 7pm

Activities That Focus on Pure Team Bonding and Communication Skills like Quizzes, watching Sports and More.

Private Karaoke Room

7pm - 2am

Let's start the party and change the lighting! ♫ You van dance, You can jive, having the time of your life ♫
SMARTcontrol will make it more manageable with extra features.

Some practical scenarios that you already recognized!



When a karaoke session is over, and the next group is ready to sing, it is a common scenario for the current group to insist on staying for another song.

Not with SMARTcontrol. Because this system controls lighting, our karaoke systems, and microphones, the karaoke system automatically locks, all the microphones mute, and the lighting will be set to bright white or another color when a session is over.


Volume control

What can you do if your guests are singing from the top of their lungs and are exceeding the maximum amount of decibels your establishment may produce?

SMARTcontrol has an option for microphones to continuously monitor the number of decibels in the room. If SMARTcontrol recognizes the amount of sound is too much, the volume of the karaoke system will be slightly adjusted downward. The natural reaction for your guests will be to lower their voices.


Booking system

If you have a website with a booking system, why not connect this with an API to our karaoke solution?

With SMARTcontrol, we can connect almost every booking system that provides an API to the SUNVIG servers. The result will be that your employees can see which group is coming in for which room and check if they have already paid or not.


Room Flows - more revenue

Why can a karaoke room not be turned into a private meeting room during the daytime?
What is the difference between a meeting room with microphones, audio, and screens compared to a karaoke room?

We see lots of opportunities. Making more revenue on the same square meters is possible with SMARTcontrol. Because with SMARTcontrol you can change the environment by controlling the lighting, karaoke system, and air circulation based on the booking.


Saving Energy

SMARTcontrol can control a karaoke room’s power. So if the karaoke room is going to be used at 4 pm, the system starts the room 15 minutes before. This way, less energy is consumed when a regular karaoke room may be switched on for the whole day.

SMARTcontrol is your digital employee. We take care of the technical part so you can focus on hospitality tasks like a pro!

Compatible with well-known protocols that it makes easy to integrate

Benefits Of Karaoke For Your Restaurant

There are many benefits that Karaoke Entertainment can bring to your restaurant.

Increased Revenue

Karaoke can be a great way to increase revenue for your restaurant. Not only will it attract new people, but it will also keep current people coming back.


Improved Atmosphere, people, are staying longer

Create more Experience with Karaoke! It helps create a fun and exciting Atmosphere in your restaurant, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Increased Customer Engagement by adding fun

Adding Karaoke Entertainment can help increase customer engagement, as people will be more likely to interact with each other while singing. People who participate are more likely to remember their Experience at your restaurant and talk about it positively with others. That is why Social Entertainment (or Social E-tertainment) is so important!



We are excited to announce that Pavarotti Leiden is now live!

Because of our new SMARTcontrol system and our profesjonelle karaokesystemer, SUNVIG is showing their skills and their know-how on how to improve and run a Karaoke Business as it should.


If you are looking for a way to increase revenue in your restaurant, then Karaoke might be the perfect solution. Karaoke provides an opportunity for people to sing their favorite songs and enjoy themselves while eating at your establishment. Especially if people remember the fun and the food, they have other friends or connections who want to participate next time they come in.


So if you’ve been struggling with how to offer something new or exciting that will keep people coming back, consider adding karaoke entertainment! Do not hesitate any longer. Contact us at SUNVIG to learn how our revolutionary technology can help your restaurant increase its revenue while providing a great experience to your customers.

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