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Duke of Tokyo opens a new venue in Utrecht!

With Karaoke making a comeback in recent years, it is our mission at SUNVIG to be a total solution in the Karaoke Business. As one of our most recent projects, we have expanded the business model to change the way Karaoke is done. With the invention of Private Karaoke Rooms, we have seen a successful grand opening of the Duke of Tokyo Utrecht. Let’s review the business model and reveal the success of the new business.

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What are Private Karaoke Rooms?

Private Karaoke Rooms are also known as KTV or Karaoke Box/Booth. These are small or medium-sized rooms that create a private karaoke experience for small groups. Each room is uniquely designed for comfort and style to further enhance your night of fun.

These rooms are rented on an hourly basis. Each room comes with self-operating karaoke systems in place so each group can control what songs will be played. These rooms are typically found at dedicated businesses and offer many services such as food and drink, merchandise, etc. to further enhance the customer experience. You can even find these rooms available at restaurants, bars, hotels, cruise ships, and more.

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by Jasper Christiaanse

What is Duke of Tokyo

Wessel: Duke of Tokyo is a Japanese karaoke bar inspired by Tokyo. We fell in love with the concept of karaoke in booths, and we came up with a theme around it. And we found Tokyo to be the most matching theme. Karaoke, of course, comes from Japan.

What criteria did your karaoke concept meet, and how did you end up at SUNVIG from here?

Wessel: In the booths, we need a karaoke system. We first worked with a competitor of yours because SUNVIG did not exist at that time. That was Karafun in April 2018. Then we opened our first establishment in Amsterdam. It worked, but it wasn’t easy to communicate with Karafun. It was mainly listening to what they wanted. For example, we couldn’t add extra Dutch songs. We did not have that control. But when they decided to open karaoke booths themselves to hurt their competitors. As a result, prices have increased fivefold. Then we started looking further. And just then came SUNVIG.

Has: We got a gold wrapper with an invitation to explore the Karaoke Opplevelsessenter of SUNVIG. So we went to have a look.

Wessel: Unintentionally, that was very well mixed up.

Has: That was perfect timing, yes.

And why did you end up working with SUNVIG?

Has: Karafun’s cost was unreasonable. It makes no sense to raise prices five times. So that’s how we ended up with SUNVIG. That was the perfect option in terms of hardware. In terms of software, many functions have been developed in the meantime that we also had at Karafun. At the time, we had placed an order for a Jukebox solution. But then you developed the current system, the Karaoke Station. That switch was a bit scary for us. But the contact went very well, so we were confident.

How did that process go from the first contact?

Wessel: We mainly had a lot of conversations with Marcel, and we visited a few times. That was very nice because we also knew what you were doing. We were very impressed with the Karaoke Experience Center. Those visits were quite instructive for us.

Has: We are very much committed to the experience. Karaoke is also very important because that is your main product, but we were not very far advanced with this. We had already built some wooden cabinets with a few buttons on them. That all worked in itself, but SUNVIG’s hardware is higher because of how it works, how the sound sounds, and your experience. You are always willing to add new songs to the catalog. And that was not possible with Karafun. I think you are sometimes even a little too benevolent in that. When, for example, a Korean karaoke bar opens, you start producing all kinds of K-pop songs. Whatever the customer wants, that happens. That is, of course, fantastic as a customer. You are listened to, and SUNVIG moves in the direction you want. I really like that.

Would you recommend SUNVIG?

Has: Sure. There are always things that can be improved, but you see that the functionalities that were not yet there are being developed to meet your wishes. So yes, we would definitely recommend it.

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Why are Private Karaoke Rooms Successful?

Karaoke rooms are a great way to attract new customers to your place of business. Small groups of people who are out on the town for a night typically enjoy these rooms! Since each customer is charged an hourly fee, and the rooms can hold anywhere from 4-15 at a time, it’s a great way to maximize income while your spaces are being rented. These are also low-maintenance and require minimal staff to manage due to standard security cameras. Another option that increases the value per room is utilizing drink services to up-sell bottle services, food, merchandise, etc. Read more about the worldwide trend of private karaoke business

Duke of Tokyo: A Private Karaoke Room Success

As part of SUNVIG’s most recent projects, we have seen Duke of Tokyo open with success. The company was founded by four friends back in 2016. Their first version of their business model was a mobile Karaoke wagon along with two small shipping containers in a Sake and cocktail bar. They travelled to music festivals in the Netherlands and received lots of positive feedback. 

After receiving such great feedback on the idea, they decided to move to a permanent location in Amsterdam. Duke of Tokyo is inspired by Tokyo’s neighbourhoods. The Karaoke bar and cocktail bar features Japanese flavours, cocktails, sake & spirits, and more. The place features 8 Private Karaoke Rooms where you can order from the drink service. 

With this project being years in the making, SUNVIG has been happy to be a supportive partner through its journey. After the grand opening and seeing the success of this business, we interviewed the owners to find out more about their experience running a karaoke bar. How Can A Restaurant Increase Its Revenue With A Private Karaoke Business? Les mer

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