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When you think of karaoke, do you think of the old-fashioned karaoke bars? The truth is, karaoke is making a comeback in this modern era but in a new way. If you, for instance, own a family entertainment center, bowling alley, restaurant, or another type of family venue, you’ll want to consider adding the concept of private karaoke rooms to your business.


3 Reasons Your Family Venue Needs Private Karaoke Rooms

As a business owner, you must always think of how you can improve each aspect of your business. Your establishment should be a place where customers and consumers enjoy going to maximise your potential profit and customer return. One of the best ways that you can add to your family venue is by adding karaoke; here are three reasons why you should consider it:

1. More entertainment

Karaoke is an activity that you can include in your venue that will appeal to a broad audience, including all generations. Young people tend to love karaoke for attention and being in the spotlight in the day of social media. Older generations love singing songs from their high school days and bonding with loved ones. As a result, this experience will bring people of all ages to your establishment.

2. Increasing Popularity

As mentioned, karaoke continues to make a comeback and increases in popularity. It is estimated that the need for private karaoke rooms will increase by 3x fold in the coming years, which is excellent for adding a competitive edge to your establishment. You’ll be able to better compete with your local entertainment attractions with the steady growth that the industry has seen over the years.

3. Increased Income Potential

Of course, every business owner wants to increase their income, especially their profit margins. The great news about adding karaoke to your establishment is that it will naturally attract more customers, which increases income. Not only does it attract more customers, but it is typically a one-time investment with occasional upkeep required. This increases your income AND profit margins since the rooms are relatively low maintenance.

What Are Private Karaoke Rooms?

Since you know that adding karaoke will be highly beneficial to your business, you may be wondering if you’ll have to put in a karaoke bar to be successful. This isn’t the case!

Private karaoke rooms are the modern approach to karaoke and are taking Europe and the U.S. by storm. These are private rooms added to your establishment that hold small parties of people. They are great because each group of people can choose their own songs and have their private karaoke experience without singing in front of the entire establishment. This creates a fun atmosphere for each party and can even be elevated with catered food and drinks to maximise potential income.


How Can You Add Private Karaoke Rooms to Your Venue?

If you’re interested in having a room or two added to your venue, you’re making a wise business investment. Installing private karaoke rooms is a relatively new business, so you may be wondering how you can get started today.

We are SUNVIG, a private karaoke room installation company. We specialise in creating custom karaoke environments for your establishment and complete the process from start to finish. We help with:

Professional karaoke systems
Room Design
Audio and Acoustics
Air circulation
... and so much more!

Our Work

We recently completed the design and setup of two private karaoke rooms at Jump Pottelberg in Kortrijk, Belgium. We designed these rooms to not only have the equipment but also considered acoustics, lighting, smell, and overall experience.

Creating an experience for the customer is essential for success, which most karaoke rooms do not consider. However, we have sought to create the ultimate karaoke experience with our rooms at Pottelberg through our innovative element of plexiglass windows. Not placing (fake) windows or mirrors in karaoke rooms is a common mistake that gives visitors a “trapped in a tight space” feeling. These windows give a feeling of openness. As a result, the environment will feel more relaxed. This is important for creating a space that visitors never want to leave.

Along with the window elements, each room of Jump Pottelberg has its own theme. One is built in New York style, and the other is themed around Paris. Both rooms have been available to the public for a few weeks, and the owner reports having high rates of positive feedback.

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