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The unique Marketing campaign for the “Karaoke SingPad”

One of our innovative systems, the Karaoke SingPad, has been promoted in one of our unique marketing campaigns in the Netherlands.

For this campaign, our employees have spread out across the land to secretly place life-sized cut-outs of the Karaoke SingPad on the entrances of indoor playgrounds, accompanied by balloons and a letter. We wanted to spread awareness of the shift going on in indoor playgrounds and how karaoke can be of valuable use to grow.

Kids are looking for more experience!

Our Karaoke SingPad, the system designed for children of 7 years and older, was created in June 2020. From that moment, our marketing team planned the campaign.

We developed this karaoke machine to innovate for indoor playgrounds, Family Entertainment Centers, and other venues that welcome kids to cater to the needs of this difficult age group.

Young kids love ball pits and climbing frames. But older kids need different forms of entertainment. So, these target groups visit indoor jumps, laser game arenas or go-kart tracks.

Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that parents are less willing to invite large groups of children for a kids party into their own homes. Instead, they choose other locations. That creates great opportunities for indoor playgrounds if they grab them.

Social Media like TikTok are populair

The Karaoke SingPad anticipates this trend

We know children no longer feel ashamed to sing and dance in public. Thats also why we had a out-of-the box marketing campaign.

The popularity of apps like TikTok prove this point. Kids from any age group perform in their own videos and post this to social media. That’s why karaoke is such a wonderful addition to your range of entertainment and activities.

The SingPad is a compact, robust system that was based on the ghetto blaster. Its speakers create amazing sound and it can be broadly applicable. Because of its round edges, it is safe to use for younger audiences. It follows all safety regulations.

Our song catalog contains lots of child friendly songs, including songs from the charts. Our system has an explicit function, which filters out al swear words. This way children can have a great time in a safe environment.

Interested in the Karaoke SingPad?

Communication to the market – Marketing

The innovation that the SingPad offers must be communicated through a marketing campaign, but how?

We decided to invite potential customers to the party of the SingPad, but due to the pandemic this was not possible. Therefore, in the middle of the night our sales team visited many potential customers and to bring a little joy during the pandemic, our sales team hung the SingPad as a cardboard advertisement on the facade, fence or front door with balloons and confetti. Attached was a large envelope with an invitation to innovate! The campaign was a great success.

karaoke singpad logo

‘The interactive karaoke system for kids and teens!’

Children and teenagers are greatly into music and dancing. Just look at the popularity of the TikTok app. Our Karaoke SingPad is ideally suitable for children from 7 years and up.

This system’s advantage is it’s multi-purpose. It can be used for children’s parties in the entertainment market, but it can also be used in retail as an extension of kids’ corners. The same applies to the hospitality sector.

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