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There are many suppliers out there for Karaoke Entertainment, but are they providing the right experience for your Karaoke Business?


When looking for a way to create a karaoke concept for your company, you will likely come across a supplier of tablets with a karaoke app. If you are a long-time user of karaoke apps and tablets, you have probably already encountered some problems. SUNVIG has examined those problems and ensured they are remedied in our systems.

Comparison between individual components of karaoke tablet and SUNVIG systems

Cables and equipment

The usage of tablets is prevalent in the karaoke business. Tablets may look slick, but they come with several practical issues. If you are looking for the latest tablet models, certain brands no longer have an analogue audio output. Secondly, tablets usually have no place to plug in an HMDI-cable. That means extra equipment is necessary to create a karaoke solution, adding unnecessary clutter. Adding a digital mixer to the tablet will only increase this pile of cables and loose technology.

professional systems tablet app with anolog mixer professional systems products of sunvig karaoke tablet apps

SUNVIG offers a solution to store all this equipment into a compact, professional machine. The only external cables you will find on our systems are the plugs.

Secondly, our audio mixers are digitally shown on the touchscreen, making it visually more pleasing.

Durability Tablet vs. SUNVIG Karaoke Systems

What happens to a karaoke solution when it contains a lot of loose cables and equipment? It breaks much easier than usual. When many people fiddle around with the cables, the buttons, and the switches, they wear out faster, which means it needs to be replaced more often. On average, a karaoke room needs to replace its tablet twice a year.

We are building our systems more durable; they are designed with robust construction and are provided with strong touchscreens. Due to our integration efforts, all buttons and sliders are in the software, meaning there are no loose parts to break or wear. In conclusion, SUNVIG systems last longer and need replacement less often, saving valuable cash.

products karaoke touchscreen software

Memory storage and WiFi connection

Karaoke Tablets have a limited memory space. In most cases, this memory is not sufficient for the professional use of a karaoke solution. Besides, a tablet relies on a WiFi connection to work, since most apps stream their catalogs from a digital source.

SUNVIG systems don’t have this problem. We use internal storage so the system works offline. An internet connection is only needed when the software or the catalog needs to be updated.

Oh no, all settings are changed!

A separate audio mixer on a karaoke app makes it easy to play around with the settings. It is fun for customers but makes it inconvenient for subsequent visitors to amend the settings. Because a SUNVIG system has an integrated mixer, resetting the system to default is a breeze. If you don’t want to give your customers access to the settings, you can even protect them with a personalized security code—this adds an extra layer of protection.

software system other supllies karaoke touch sunvig software userfriendly interface professional karaoke systems
GAME ON! Scoring system

Go for the maximal experience

Another problem arises when considering if a tablet offers a true karaoke experience. Many customers will conclude that they could have just stayed home and have downloaded the app for themselves. Some apps even require a phone to operate it. Visitors select a song by using their phones, which then streams to the karaoke app.

SUNVIG specializes in creating Karaoke Experiences. One of the unique benefits is that our systems can be fully customized and blend into the environment. Software and hardware, everything can be rebranded.

Social Entertainment is the future, which is why we do not allow the opportunity to select songs with your smartphone. We decided this in response to our customers’ feedback, who negatively perceive using their phones. Avoid individuality in an experience that should be social entertainment. SUNVIG’s systems work with large, central touch screens with innovative, user-friendly software. Most importantly, your guests enjoy more interaction and more joyful memories.

Plus side of Karaoke Tablets

Is there a positive point to using a tablet? Of course. You have access to a wide range of apps that can provide extra services, like streaming movies on apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Or you can even cast sports matches with apps from sports networks.
However, our systems have this benefit, too. Install popular apps on our karaoke machines to cast anything you want from it, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney+, ESPN, HBO Go…

Anything is possible with our source extension. Because of the integrated HDMI input, you can connect game consoles to the system to further expand the possibilities.
There are many benefits of using a SUNVIG karaoke system over a karaoke tablet app.

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