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In Asia, private karaoke rooms have been extremely popular for decades. These rooms are usually small or medium-sized and of unique design and comfort, creating an intimate private experience for small groups. Also, they come complete with self-operating karaoke systems. Karaoke rooms, KTV box or Booths are rented on an hourly basis.

These venues are dedicated businesses, offering multiple floors with various amenities, including food and drink services, merchandising, etc. An extreme example is Joysound in Japan with over 2000 private karaoke rooms—in Tokyo alone!  However, hotels, bars, cruise liners, Family Entertainment Centers, etc. also offer private karaoke rooms. Karaoke private rooms are being seen in more places.

Examples of the Karaoke Business Model in Europe

Some successfully established private karaoke room venues in Europe are Karaoke Box and Lucky Voice in the UK, BAM karaoke in France and Spain, and Duke of Tokyo in The Netherlands.

Joysound has over 2000 private karaoke rooms in Tokyo alone!

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joy karaoke booth box private room business model

A venue of Joysound Tokyo

joy karaoke booth box private room business model reservation

Most rooms are pre-booked

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Upsell food & drinks

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Self-supporting karaoke rooms

Trendy Private Karaoke Rooms are here to stay!

Private karaoke rooms are becoming ever-popular throughout Europe. The demand for a safe and exclusive environment in venues is growing, with customers seeking more social and personal experiences.

The focus of SUNVIG is to meet these demands by offering attractive solutions.

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Karaoke business has continued to proliferate in recent years in various ways, in pubs, clubs, restaurants, and, more recently, in private karaoke rooms. The market is forecast to triple in growth in the next few years.

Global Karaoke Market will reach USD 5,733.77 million by 2024. (See link: Karaoke Market Research Report)

The COVID pandemic has created a focus on private karaoke rooms used by exclusive groups of people. Karaoke rooms have limited capacity and are booked hourly. They can therefore be controlled in ways that keep guests completely safe.

Another plus is, Karaoke rooms can be cleaned regularly after each session, and guests can be easily registered and contacted.

Private karaoke rooms – Business model

Private karaoke rooms, KTV Boxes, or Booths are a unique way to attract new customers to your premises. They are perfect for small groups of people to enjoy an exclusive experience in the comfort of their own room.


  1. Karaoke rooms charge each customer an hourly fee.
  2. Private karaoke rooms have varying capacities, with rooms for groups of 4-6, 6-12 and 12-15 being the most popular options.
  3. Drink sales will increase with the option to up-sell to bottle service, food, and merchandising.
  4. A private karaoke room is self-operating and requires no staff supervision—just a standard security camera.
  5. Rooms are hygienic, safe, easily managed, and regulated. In COVID times, guests can be easily registered and traced through the required booking system.

Hourly charges for rooms

Most private karaoke rooms, KTV Boxes, or Booths charge between (See download below) per person, per hour. Use our calculator below to get an idea of potential revenues.

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    Suitable venues for private karaoke rooms

    How to profit from a private karaoke room?

    Private karaoke rooms will function in many types of venues. Contact SUNVIG and our consultants will advise on a business and revenue model for your venue.


    The attraction and experience a private karaoke room offers will enhance a restaurant’s business offering, especially pre dinner/post dinner periods and intimate private parties.

    Bar & Cafe

    Private karaoke rooms, KTV Boxes, and Booths in bars and clubs are becoming increasingly popular. These systems offer greater variety to the bar and club experience. Empty spaces such as smoking rooms are ideal for turning into private karaoke rooms.


    Karaoke is becoming popular in attracting more customers in Family Entertainment Centers such as holiday parks, bowling centers, arcade halls, ski centers, cruise liners, etc.

    Kids Play Centers

    In children’s indoor play, activity, and trampoline centers, the interactivity of karaoke offers fun and learning for children aged 7-14 years. They can also develop their vocal skills and talents.



    70% of rooms are pre-booked online in 1 and 2 hour slots.



    The SUNVIG karaoke system and software are easy to use and are completely self-operating. No staff required.


    People singing and having fun spend on average over 40% more than others on food and drinks. Branded merchandise is also attractive to offer to customers.


    Private karaoke rooms attract the premium target group of 20-40 years, and overall is the concept suitable for 8-100 years. This premium target group spends the most time and money on party and social activities such as bachelor, sports, and student parties.


    A private karaoke room concept gives the best return on square meters.


    Singing releases endorphins, the brains’ “feel good” chemicals that create the best feelings and experiences. Happy customers are returning customers!

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    Karaoke Business Concepts are suitable for a wide range of sectors


    SUNVIG supplies complete karaoke solutions. We are a provider of several plug-and-play, easy-to-implement karaoke systems for your company. Nonetheless, we are determined to take our commitment a step further. That's why we have a range of different karaoke concepts that will create a true experience for your customers. We can help you with the design process, and make your dreams a reality.
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    01. Research

    Our team of staff members will listen to your wishes and research the possibilities, following your specific plans and expectations. From there, we can move on to the crucial next step: design.

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    02. Design

    We create a design based on your wishes and our industry experience. With this design, we take soundproofing, capacity and the research we conducted in step 1 into account. When we have delivered something perfectly to your liking, we move on to the last step: develop.

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    03. Develop

    Based on the deal we made, we can build your whole concept on location or send you the parts so you can set up your concept individually.

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