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A restaurant, bar or cafe can be much more than just a place to eat and drink. Give your customers an extra experience by presenting them with a karaoke machine.
Not only can karaoke be used as an extra attraction, but it can also be a whole concept of its own in the form of a public bar or as a private karaoke room concept.
Maybe you are looking for kids’ entertainment. Then karaoke is a good fit for a kid’s corner, a teenager’s corner, or a separate room for children parties.



Private karaoke rooms, also known as a party boxes or KTV booths, are an upcoming trend. As an entrepreneur you want to have your guests stay if possible. To reach this goal, lots of restaurants and grand cafes have been renting out separate rooms for private parties.
In these rooms, creating a karaoke concept is gaining more and more popularity. This way you can host a group of guests who will stay longer before or after they eat to sing karaoke in a private karaoke room. And in here they probably want to have some drinks or snacks.

Most customers choose one of SUNVIG’s self-operating systems, like the Karaoke Station or the Karaoke Wall. These systems do not require staff to operate them. Your guests will be able to select a song themselves and simply start singing.
Have you considered opening a karaoke center on its own? You are not the only one. All over the world people are doing the same.


Public bar or cafe concept

You can find them in every major city, the well-known karaoke bars. Besides KTV booths, public karaoke bars are still upcoming. Whether it is in a fancy cocktail bar or a mainstream karaoke stage, guests will have the opportunity to go all out with their singing performances.
For students this is more than just karaoke. For them, the karaoke bar belongs to the cult scene. This makes them go out on usually quiet days.

If you are running a karaoke bar, you are probably looking for a system that gives the staff a little more control. In that case, the Karaoke Touch is the best solution for you.
This compact machine can fit on or behind a bar perfectly and is therefore more suited to be operated by a staff member.



Everyone knows that if you run a restaurant, bar, or café where many families come, there should be entertainment available for children and teenagers. This will make them happy to come to your establishment.

Unfortunately, the audience from the age of 7 is a difficult group to entertain. That is why SUNVIG has developed the Karaoke SingPad!

This complete entertainment system is a product that allows kids and teenagers to dance, sing, and play at the same time.

This system lets them entertain themselves and make new friends.

The SingPad is fully equipped with audio, video, and karaoke. The song catalog is updated with the latest hits for kids.

In addition, the SingPad also includes several unique features, such as excluding songs that have an explicit label and a scoring system that adds a game element to it. The SingPad is a robust self-controllable unit.

Afraid of noise disturbance? No need – the SingPad’s volume can be regulated remotely.

The SingPad is suitable for teenagers, kids corners or kids parties.



Do you want to provide your visitors with a karaoke concept but are afraid to disturb your other guests? Why not set up a Silent Karaoke Entertainment?

We sell sets of silent headphones. With these, only the singers will hear the music they are singing to, which will reduce the noise the karaoke session will produce.

Bystanders will still hear the singing, but we have a solution for this too. Our systems control the volume of the music played through the headphones, which will instinctively make its users sing more softly than before.

As a result, your karaoke set will not disturb other guests.


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