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Are you organizing an event and are you looking for a way to implement a karaoke element? Have a look at our selection.

Since events only last a certain period of time, we understand that your karaoke system needs to be put up and broken down in a short period of time. That’s why we recommend using one of our plug and play systems.

We also offer rental services.



SUNVIG offers a rental service. All our systems can be rented for any period of time.

Are you looking for a professional system to use on your event? For example when you are hosting an open mic night or if you are performing as a karaoke DJ on a wedding, an office party or any other kind of venue? Then you might be looking for our Karaoke Touch.

This compact system is ideal for transforming your event into a true karaoke party. Because of its size it can be easily placed on a DJ booth and the many input possibilities offer a way to connect your own audio equipment to the Karaoke Touch.

Are you looking for an all-in-one karaoke set? Our Karaoke Wall has everything you need installed in one convenient machine. This way there is no need for external equipment like television screens. The Karaoke Wall has a set of wheels, which makes it portable and easy to set up and break down.

Suitable systems
karaoke touch line art
Karaoke Touch
karaoke wall lineart
Karaoke Wall



If you are looking for a special attraction for your event, you should definitely have a look at our Karaoke Kabin. This Karaoke Box functions as an arcade machine for up to two players and looks very inviting. This cabin will create an experience your visitors will never forget. It comes with a score system. This makes it possible for players to score points with their performance. The best singer wins.

The Kabin is a convenient system to place in any room, since it takes up about 2.5 square meters. It can be a wonderful addition to a festival or concert. Let visitors sing along with the playing artist. Or transform a dressing room in a karaoke room. The possibilities are endless.

This system can be activated by a contactless payment terminal and can accept coins. This way your visitors can start the machine by themselves and don’t require a staff member to operate it.

The Kabin can be customized in many ways to fit your event style.

Suitable systems
karaoke kabin line art
Karaoke Kabin



Give your event a touch of kids entertainment with our Karaoke SingPad.

This system is designed for children and they love it. The software is easy to use and the machine itself is robust, so it can take a bit of rough handling. Of course, children should be able to enjoy themselves in a safe environment. That’s why the SingPad has an explicit setting. This sets a filter for explicit songs and words so the children will not be confronted with anything you don’t want them to hear.

Give your event its own kids party with this system. The Karaoke SingPad comes with several rebranding possibilities to make it fit your event style.

Suitable systems
Karaoke SingPad Lineart
Karaoke SingPad

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    Our team of staff members will listen to your wishes and research the possibilities, following your specific plans and expectations. From there, we can move on to the crucial next step: design.

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    We create a design based on your wishes and our industry experience. With this design, we take soundproofing, capacity and the research we conducted in step 1 into account. When we have delivered something perfectly to your liking, we move on to the last step: develop.

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