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Whether your guests want to relax after a long day of sightseeing in the area, or even if they want to stay in the entire day, they will value their stay even more if they have in-house entertainment. Karaoke is a wonderful way to expand your range of options. Because karaoke is perfect for all ages and target groups, your guests will love it.

There are several ways for hotels and holiday resorts to give their guests a different experience or additional service with karaoke.



Allow your guests to have a karaoke party with their family and friends in a private karaoke room. In this room, they can give the performance of their lives in a comfortable environment.

A private karaoke room can be designed as you wish, and SUNVIG would be happy to help you with your design. Our range of products contains various karaoke systems, sound equipment, lighting, air conditioning, aroma diffusers, and decorations. In this way, the room can be made to fit your branding and will give your visitors the best experience by stimulating all their senses.

One of its great benefits is that a private karaoke room can be soundproofed. This way, it won’t disturb your other guests.

Hotel Karaoke Rooms are trending because guests are looking for ways to host parties in private environments. You can provide your guests with ways to have their own parties in one of our Silent Karaoke solutions. With such a party, noise disturbance to your other guests is reduced to a minimum. This concept is an excellent match for special suites.

Suitable systems
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If your hotel or resort has a bar, you can install one of our karaoke systems to help with open mic nights. Your guests will have the best time while enjoying a drink at the bar.

For this concept, we offer several suitable systems. Our Karaoke Station and Wall are self-operational systems, meaning it doesn’t require staff to control them. Your guests can select a song themselves and start singing.

Are you looking to have more control? The Karaoke Touch might be the solution for you. This compact karaoke machine can fit on or behind the bar perfectly and is, therefore, best operated by a staff member.

Suitable systems
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Social Entertainment is the future!

The change of entertainment in 2021



Do you have an arcade in your hotel, and are you looking for a new concept to add to your collection? SUNVIG has designed the Karaoke Kabin—an arcade machine that can fit up to two players. In this booth, your guests must earn as many points as possible by giving their best performance!

The Karaoke Kabin looks amazing, is fully customizable, and creates a karaoke experience within just 2.5 square meters.

Did you know arcade experiences on holiday resorts that welcome families are very important? SUNVIG’s amazing arcade machine is a true must-have inclusion!

Suitable systems
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Kabin – Arcade Machine



Does your hotel or Holiday resort attract many families with kids? If so, consider setting up a kid’s corner. SUNVIG designed the Karaoke SingPad for your youngest guests. This system has a unique design that will appeal to children, and its software is so user-friendly, every kid can operate it.

Our catalog contains many child-friendly songs, giving kids have plenty of fun songs to choose from.

Learn more about kids entertainment

Suitable systems
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    Our team of staff members will listen to your wishes and research the possibilities, following your specific plans and expectations. From there, we can move on to the crucial next step: design.

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