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DEALER | SUNVIG Welcomes new dealer in Dubai

We are expanding our dealer network

In October 2020, we were contacted by a company in Dubai that had noticed our products and wanted to invest in our brand. This company, called Dash Hospitality Group, has specialized in services for hotels and restaurants, focusing on kitchens and products like lighting and audio-equipment.

Now, they had shown interest in expanding their assortment with karaoke solutions for the Hospitality sector.


Naturally, we were excited about this opportunity to work together. And so, one of SUNVIG’s founders, John West, and our Head of Sales, Tim Schouwenburg, flew over to the United Arab Emirates in November to negotiate the deal and discuss its details. This meeting led to an agreement between both companies and eventually signing the contracts in January 2021.

So, now, we can proudly present Dash SUNVIG, the first supplier of karaoke business solutions in Dubai. We are preparing our first shipment for Dash Hospitality Group, including Karaoke Kabins for two shopping malls.

Quality is our shared focus

Dash’s core value is quality. Their kitchen ranges demonstrate this. That makes quality a shared focus since it is one SUNVIG prides itself on as well. Therefore, we are truly excited about this collaboration.

Are you interested in your own karaoke system in Dubai? Visit our dealer page and contact Dash SUNVIG to discuss your wishes and ideas in more detail.

SUNVIG is always looking for new allies in our mission to expand the karaoke concept globally. With our professional systems, we try to give customers a complete karaoke experience. Does this sound like music to your ears, and are you ready to join us on this journey? Learn more about what we offer you and your company.

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