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Danske Favoritter karaoke

Danish Karaoke Songs

Danske karaoke sange

This brand new playlist of Danish songs are now exclusively available on Professional Karaoke Systems of SUNVIG.

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Danske Favoritter

Danish Karaoke Songs – Denmark’s best Sing-a-long songs

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    Michael Learns To Rock Take Me to Your Heart 2021 Balad
    Halva Priset, Maria Mena Den fineste Chevy’n 2021 Balad
    Lord Siva, Vera Paris 2020 Pop
    Lord Siva Solhverv 2020 Pop
    Lord Siva, Vera Room For Love 2020 Pop
    ATYPISK, Gilli, KESI Kærlighed 2019 Hip Hop
    Martin Jensen, James Arthur Nobody 2019 Pop
    Hjalmer Istedgade (Uhh) 2019 Pop
    Hugo Helmig Wild 2019 Pop
    Christopher My Heart 2019 Pop
    NOAH 83 2019 Pop
    Gilli Vai Amor 2019 Rap
    Faustix, RANI Crying In The Sun 2018 Pop
    Hugo Helmig Please Don’t Lie 2018 Pop
    Lukas Graham Love Someone 2018 Pop
    Scarlet Pleasure Deja vu 2017 Indie
    Scarlet Pleasure Limbo 2017 Pop
    Katinka Band Vi Er Ikke Kønne Nok 2017 Pop
    Phlake Angel Zoo 2016 Rnb
    Phlake Pregnant 2016 Rnb
    Karl William Blind Igen 2016 Pop
    Barbara Moleko Tag Min Hånd 2015 Soul
    Tina Dickow København 2015 Pop
    Shaka Loveless Tomgang 2012 Rnb
    Aura Dione, Jost & Damien Geronimo – Jost & Damien Radio Mix 2011 Pop
    Rasmus Seebach Natteravn 2009 Dance
    Danseorkestret Du & Mig 2009 Disco
    Choir Of Young Believers Hollow Talk 2008 Balad
    TV-2 De Første Kærester På Månen 2005 Pop
    Alberte Winding Tænder på et kys 2005 Pop
    Nik & Jay En dag tilbage 2004 Hip Hop
    Aqua Cartoon Heroes 2000 Pop
    Aqua Around The World 2000 Pop
    Aqua Doctor Jones 1998 Pop
    Aqua Good Morning Sunshine 1998 Pop
    Aqua My Oh My 1998 Pop
    Aqua Turn Back Time 1998 Pop
    Aqua Barbie Girl 1997 Pop
    Aqua Heat Of The Night 1997 Pop
    Aqua Candy Man 1997 Pop
    Aqua Happy Boys & Girls 1997 POP
    Michael Learns To Rock That’s Why You Go Away 1995 Balad
    Kim Larsen Jutlandia 1995 Rock
    Alberte Winding Lyse Nætter 1991 Balad
    Laid Back Bakerman 1990 Indie
    Ray Dee Ohh Jeg Vil La’ Lyset Brænde 1990 Pop
    Lis Sørensen Mine øjne de skal se 1989 Pop
    Sanne Salomonsen Kærligheden Kalder 1989 Pop
    Gnags Mr. Swing King 1989 Rock
    Kim Larsen Flyvere i natten 1989 Pop
    Anne Linnet Tusind stykker 1988 Balad
    Anne Linnet Forårsdag 1988 Balad
    Johnny Madsen Udenfor Sæsonen 1988 Pop
    Dodo & the Dodos Sømand af Verden 1988 Rock
    Dodo & the Dodos Vågner I Natten 1987 Pop
    Dodo & the Dodos Gi Mig Hvad Du Har 1987 Pop
    Kasper Winding Sjæl I Flammer 1987 Rock
    Lars H.U.G. Elsker dig for evigt 1987 Rock
    Danseorkestret Regndans 1986 Latin
    Gnags Gnags’ Julesang 1986 Christmas
    VM Holdet, Herrelandsholdet, Landsholdet Re-sepp-ten – VM-sang 1986 1986 Europop
    På Slaget 12 Hjem Til Århus 1986 Pop
    Rocazino Ridder Lykke 1985 Synthpop
    News Du Er 1985 Balad
    Tøsedrengene Indianer 1984 Pop
    Rocazino Dine Øjne Er Så Blå 1984 Pop
    Laid Back Sunshine Reggae 1983 Reggae
    Rocazino All My Love 1983 Rock
    Kim Larsen Papirsklip 1983 Synthpop
    Kim Larsen Midt om natten 1983 Synthpop
    OneTwo Den bedste tid 1983 Pop
    Halberg – Larsen Magi I Luften 1983 Rock
    Tøsedrengene Sig Du Ka’ Li’ Mig 1981 Reggae
    Sebastian Romeo 1981 Folk
    Shu-Bi-Dua Midsommersangen 1980 Rock
    Shu-Bi-Dua Danmark 1978 Pop

    Danish Pop Music & Karaoke History


    International music influences artists and producers in Denmark

    Danish pop music started at the end of the fifties and was a mix of Elvis, local folk music and skiffle. A famous duo was a banjo-playing teen duo Jan & Kjeld, who even made it into the US charts with ‘Tiger Rag, Banjo Boy’.

    In the sixties, the British beat invasion influenced the local scene. Groups like The Beefeaters, Sir Henry and his Butlers with Tommy Seebach on vocals and Peter Belli and the Defenders follow in their footsteps. Because of the success, another band is starting; Lollipops.

    At the end of the sixties, pop music is getting more experimental with instruments such as spacy guitars and jazzy influences in Denmark.
    The first band that created this music in the Danish language is Steppenwolf. They launched only one album because the frontmen Skaløe, disappeared during a hippie journey in Afghanistan.

    In the 1970s, following trends found in North America and the United Kingdom, Danish popular music styles diverged, and audiences fragmented. In the Seventies, many rock musicians in Denmark began to compose music and texts that reflected more realistic Danish social settings and ideals, including Savage Rose. Crucial for Danish pop is the harbour place of Aarhus, where many pop groups originate.

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    Popular Danish Karaoke Songs are coming from artists such as Kim Larsen and Anne Linnet

    Danish musicologist, Charlotte Rørdam Larsen, states that in the 1970s, Danish groups such as Gasolin from one of the most famous artists Kim Larsen (A lot of karaoke songs of Kim Larsen are available on SUNVIG’s Professional Karaoke Systems). He was giving that typical Danish rhythm and significance, linguistically, if not wholly distinct musically from international styles. Sometimes, it was more comical and linguistically funny. Another wave of typical folk music is like singer Anne Linnet.
    In the mid-seventies, she came up with Lis Sørensen in the all-female band Shit & Chanel. Female vocalists were in that time growing in Denmark.

    The definite breakthrough of Anne Linnet (Do you want to sing songs of Anne Linnet? It is possible on SUNVIG’s Karaoke Systems) comes when she turns to the new wave in the eighties. Forming the Anne Linnet Band and Marquis de Sade, she becomes one of the major pop artists of Denmark. Both girls Anne Linnet and Lis Sørensen stay local celebrities when you look to Laidback and Laban (with Tommy Seebach) score international hits. Later on, a local, new wave comes from TV-2 (Popular for Singing Karaoke) and Kliché.

    Denmark’s music moved from Hard Rock to Eurohouse!

    In Scandinavian countries, metal and hard rock form a substantial part of the famous music scene. Denmark’s most interesting heavy metal phenomenon is King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. But the Danish pop dance scene gets its golden moment with house music in which the Danish create their teenybop scene. Artists like Whigfield, Aqua (Barbie Girl is one of the most famous Danish Karaoke Song that international is still a beloved song to sing!), Cartoons, and Toy Box score massive European hits in the nighties.

    At the beginning of the zeros, the Danish guitar groups (performing in English) get European attention. Groups like Saybia, Swanlake, Mew and the Raveonettes perform throughout the continent. As a good example, electronic pop music grew up with intelligent electronics from Trentemøller as a good example.

    Denmark follows the international music influences overall but gives it their only twist. Singer Rasmus Seebach makes a Danish R&B variety very popular at the end of the first decade in the new millennium, just as pop and Eurohouse singer Medina. His good friend Mikael Simpson makes a name for himself with good electronic pop with vocals. Danish citizens are well-known music lovers, and also karaoke is a popular form of entertainment. That is why SUNVIG provides Danish Karaoke Songs (Danske Favorriter Karaoke Sanger), and we have local studios in Denmark.


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