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    Launched in early 2019, our Rotterdam-based karaoke brand SUNVIG has captured the attention of the karaoke industry worldwide.

    SUNVIG will start as a new company, but the founders – Sunfly Karaoke and Karaokeconcurrent – have built up a collective experience of over 45 years in the Karaoke market.

    The result of the collaboration is a unique product line of karaoke systems with modern technology and quality that brings innovation to the market. This experience also allows us to offer advice and realize karaoke concepts, such as Private karaoke rooms. We are happy to connect with you.

    That makes SUNVIG a unique company!

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    Connect with our team

    connect with Marcel - CEO Sunvig Karaoke Business Solutions

    Marcel van Ketel

    Founder SUNVIG - CEO

    Marcel is one of the founders and CEO of SUNVIG. Back in the day, he spotted a gap in the karaoke market. The available systems lacked in quality, and the content was scarce. That’s exactly why he made his own with his karaoke rental company, Karaokeconcurrent, in 2004. From here, he produced the songs SUNVIG still uses today.

    Later, when Marcel got in touch with Sunfly Karaoke, SUNVIG was born. He now leads this company with his vision to listen closely to his clients' wishes and his ability to translate their feedback into products.

    connect with Mathieu - team Designer

    Mathieu van der Plank


    From the start, Mathieu has been the right-hand man to Marcel in his mission to create quality karaoke machines. Mathieu was a professional baker and cake designer. When he became unable to follow this career path, he put his creativity into technical drawing and designing karaoke rooms. You will find Mathieu’s input in our system designs.

    This makes Mathieu the perfect man to turn your wishes into the karaoke room that will make your customers' experience unforgettable.

    team-9 Roel Bloks

    Roel Bloks

    Head of SUNVIG Studios

    Roel has a history of making karaoke songs and orchestra tracks. He started his career producing orchestra tracks for the Dutch television program De Soundmixshow and creating over a thousand sounds for radio, television, and commercials.

    When an American company bought the format of De Soundmixshow, Roel came in contact with Sound Choice, a karaoke business in the United States. From here, he worked for Stingray Karaoke, where he is still active.

    At SUNVIG Studios, Roel’s experience and large network of international musicians are of great value to us.

    connect with Jasper - Music and Video Editor

    Jasper Christiaanse

    Management Assistant and Music Editor

    Jasper is SUNVIG’s newest team member but a worthwhile one. His specialty lies in communication, audiovisual media, and photography and he is responsible for our marketing, music catalog, and visual imagery.

    In the past, Jasper has been involved in several media productions as producer and editor. And even though he never pictured himself chasing a career in music and audio, the karaoke world suits him well. Here he can let his creativity thrive and produce content like no other.

    connect with Hans - Financial Controller

    Hans van Ketel

    Financial Controller

    Hans, our financial controller, is a specialist in ICT management and has the skills and experience to manage projects and make them a success. Because Hans is the father of Marcel, he was naturally attracted to SUNVIG, where he is now responsible for keeping an overview of the administration and project costs.
    team-10 Iwan van den Berg

    Iwan van den Berg

    Audiovisual Editor

    Iwan is our youngest team member. His main job is providing our karaoke songs with lyrics and making sure they are correctly timed to the melody. He has edited hundreds of songs and created great results with his sense of rhythm.

    Besides his job as an audiovisual editor, Iwan follows a study in web and game design.

    Connect with Kevin - Intern Administration

    Kevin van Pelt

    Intern administration

    Kevin is our administration intern. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he found it hard to find a suitable internship. But fortunately, he found this opportunity at SUNVIG.

    We have seen him grow as a person, and he has proven himself to be a driven accountant that brings balance to SUNVIG’s creative team.

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    We know how to make an experience and be at the fore of karaoke entertainment. We can help you with the development, installation, and experience you want to give to your customers. Curious about the different karaoke concepts? You can find it out on our concept page.


    We work with the best karaoke studios worldwide to offer the hardware and even the software. Because our main studio is from SUNVIG, we have the control and capacity to quickly produce with outstanding quality.