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Download karaoke song lists produced by our studios and available at professional karaoke systems of SUNVIG.

SUNVIG Entire Karaoke Catalog of Songs PDF

Full Catalog

Karaoke songs produced in 2021 by SUNVIG Studios

Song Productions 2021

SUNVIG Flemisch and Dutch Karaoke Songs
Dutch - Flemish Songs
Karaoke Songs Swedish - Svenska - Sweden
Swedish Songs
Karaoke Songs Danish - Dansk - Denmark
Danish Songs
Karaoke Songs Norks - Norwegian - Norway
Norwegian Songs
Karaoke Songs Espanol - Spanish - Spain
Spanish Songs
Karaoke Songs Portugal - Portuguese
Portuguese Songs
Karaoke Songs - Germany - Deutsch - Deutschland - German
German Songs
Karaoke Songs Italian - Italy - Italie
Italian Songs
Karaoke Songs - French - France
French Songs
Karaoke Songs - Hindi - Indian - Bollywood
Hindi Songs
Karaoke Songs Multilanguage - Kpop - Korean - Greece - Ukraine - Iceland
Multilanguage Songs


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A good production is the key to a customer’s experience

Discover the work of SUNVIG Studios. Our database provides our systems with thousands of quality songs, in many languages, from the renowned Sunfly Karaoke Ltd and VIGO Entertainment brands.

Collaborating with musicians from all around the world allows us to produce new songs every day.

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Production Schedule & Music Editor

We are constantly working on our database of songs. Every month, our SUNVIG studio manager and music editor see which songs are popular and trending. Next, they decide which of those will go into production. Besides chart hits, they also research multilingual songs to add to this growing production list. From here, our musicians can get to work in creating a true masterpiece.

Viewing the current production list is exclusive for Club SUNVIG members.

Jasper Christiaanse - Music Editor
Jasper Music Editor Karaoke Small

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