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Can you transform a smoker’s lounge into a private karaoke room?

The Dutch Family Entertainment Center Dolfijn asked us this question.

Of course, building karaoke rooms is our expertise. So, we placed the Karaoke Wall in the room. Next, to brighten up the room, we added ambiance lighting. We delivered decoration improvements and changed the acoustics to give Dolfijn’s visitors a complete experience.

How do we get the smoker’s smell out?

We left the old suspended ceiling in place, but how do we get the smoker’s smell out of the room? Simple: with a scent system.

Because DMX (communication language for controlling professional lighting) can control these panels, we programmed nice ambient lighting scenes in different color themes. The room became an experience, and through the simple DMX wall controller, guests can choose the desired color, speed, and brightness.

For the purposes of decoration, we used oil barrels and a long, olive green couch to give the room an industrial look. The windows in the room formed a challenge for the acoustics. Nonetheless, we fixed this issue using heavy curtains to intercept the sounds and echoes.

In the end, we were able to give Dolfijn the private karaoke room that met all their wishes.

The Final Result Video

Smokers Lounge to Karaoke Box

Do you want to know what we can do for you?

Many old smoking lounges and other rooms that are no longer in use can be transformed into a karaoke booth.

Here at SUNVIG, we can help you with the design, development, and help finding the right karaoke system.

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Karaoke Systems

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We know how to make an experience and to run karaoke entertainment. We can help you with the devolpment, installation and experience that you want to give to your customers. Curious about the different karaoke concepts, you can find it out on our concept page.


We work with the best karaoke studios around the world to offer not only the hardware, but even the software. Because our main studio is from SUNVIG we have the control and capacity to quickly produce with an outstanding quality.

For this project we have used

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