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Today marks the opening of a new private karaoke room venue in the centre of The Hague. Bleyenberg has opened BLÊR Karaoke, besides their restaurant and rooftop bar. SUNVIG has played a key role in the project in close collaboration with Bleyenberg.

In November 2020, Raoul and Torsten, the owners of Bleyenberg Restaurant – rooftop bar – meeting and event spaces, contacted us to discuss their wishes for a new private karaoke room centre. Initially, it was for three rooms in the basement of the former club of this establishment in The Hague.


We were happy to assist and to come up with a plan. Bleyenberg visited SUNVIG’s Karaoke Experience Center in Zwijndrecht to look at our products and discuss their ideas. Eventually, both parties decided to take the leap and not build three rooms but seven instead. Additionally, the whole basement would be transformed into a central bar to give people awaiting their turn a place to relax and socialize and seven rooms connected to it.

Bleyenberg came up with their design and started the construction. SUNVIG acted as a consultant to guide Bleyenberg through the technical process, and we delivered the karaoke systems. All rooms have been provided with our Karaoke Stations and sound system, specifically designed for private karaoke rooms.


Bleyenberg thought of installing private karaoke rooms to expand their business and to make their club profitable again. In these times, it’s great to consider this business model. Is your existing venue prepared for the growing trend of social entertainment?

People are looking for private places to meet their friends, family, and colleagues and participate in activities together. This creates a rise in visits to escape rooms, VR games, and private karaoke rooms.That is why this is an excellent moment to get on board this trend.

With SUNVIG’s systems, you can create an authentic karaoke experience. However, did you know they offer the possibility to videocast as well? Connect your device to watch sports matches, movies, and more. This creates many ways to respond to this growing trend. Bleyenberg saw this opportunity and took it.

But is it a good idea to start a private karaoke room when there are already other ones nearby? Yes, it is. Every private karaoke room is different. You can differentiate the rooms with specific themes or extra services. Make your location unique with your own brand identity. The possibilities are endless. And SUNVIG would be happy to help you produce a plan.

Another example of adding a personal touch to the private karaoke room is adding specific songs to the song catalog. This is something we did for Bleyenberg since they wanted songs from well-known artists from The Hague. At SUNVIG, we are open to your requests.

A karaoke-based business is a solid way to earn revenue!

SUNVIG helps! We are a complete solution for karaoke businesses with our in-house studios, wide range of professional karaoke systems, and turn-key karaoke concepts, all of which makes us unique.

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    Today, Bleyenberg’s new karaoke center officially opens under the name BLÊR Karaoke. We are honoured with Bleyenberg’s trust and look forward to a long, solid collaboration.

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    Are you interested in building your own private karaoke room or in one of our professional systems? Get in touch with us to see what SUNVIG can do for you.

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