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About Us

Karaoke can serve as a wonderful addition to your company’s offering—it can help to attract more visitors and generate more customer satisfaction, which will lead to higher revenues.

SUNVIG launched in early 2019, our Rotterdam-based karaoke brand has captured the attention of the international karaoke industry.

Despite the fact SUNVIG started life as a new company, but its founders – Sunfly Karaoke Ltd and Karaokeconcurrent – possess joint experience of over 45 years in the Karaoke market.

The collaboration resulted in a unique product line of karaoke systems with modern technology and quality that brings innovation to the fore of the market. This experience also allows us to give advice and realize karaoke concepts, such as private karaoke rooms.

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"Quality, creativity and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities



Our Mission

Providing an experience is becoming more critical than ever. SUNVIG believes this is key to success. To anticipate this growing need for a total experience, we focus on user-friendly products and provide ways to create a seamless integration of karaoke into your company.

SUNVIG has manufactured several concepts to fit your business. Designed to suit specific market needs and wishes, these concepts will help you create the total karaoke experience for your valued customers. We also specialize in private karaoke rooms and KTV booths. In close collaboration with you, we will set up a design for a karaoke room.

This experience doesn’t stop with just a karaoke system. We also provide furniture, decorations, lighting plans, aroma diffusers, air conditioning and more—all of which are designed to enhance your experience. This way, your customers will be stimulated through all their senses and will be left in awe. Our system’s unique rebranding possibilities add even more value to this experience.


Our Mission

SUNVIG produces extremely high-quality karaoke systems. The machines are created by unique Dutch Design, with user-friendliness, practicality, and safety as our main focuses. This results in professional karaoke systems offering lots of benefits over other systems.

Many suppliers rely on tablets with apps to supply their customers with a karaoke solution. However, the downside to this concept is the fragility of the tablets and the chaos caused by loose cables and audio mixers. SUNVIG believes this is the wrong approach to providing karaoke. This is why we put all this loose equipment into high-quality machines to give your customers a true karaoke experience

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But that’s not all. Our systems have many features for complete convenience of all customers. First, our systems have the ability to work offline. Because our catalog and software are stored on a local hard disk, you don’t have to rely on a working WiFi connection for our systems to work effectively.

But when you do have WiFi, our systems offer an amazing extra addition. A unique video casting feature can supplement the software to cast your favorite apps to the system. This way, you can project movies, games and even sports matches onto your karaoke device. The possibilities are endless!

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About Us

Our clients praise us for our flexibility. SUNVIG wants to ensure clients receive the product they want. Thus, we are always open to suggestions. That’s why our products can be rebranded. Do you need our systems to be delivered in a specific color? No problem! Should it display your logo as well? We can arrange that for you!

Even the software can be customized to fit your branding. Upload your logos, background videos, music, and images to create an immersive environment that reflects your company style. Put together your own playlists or ask us to produce specific songs.

Anything is possible with SUNVIG. We work with you carefully to translate your dreams into reality.

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Our Mission

We do not just produce karaoke hardware; we have also created a wonderful selection of karaoke songs with our own song catalog. This catalog is brimming with thousands of songs you and your customers both know and love. Our SUNVIG Studios tirelessly keep adding fresh music to this catalog and ensure the selection is up to date with the latest hits.

Our karaoke songs are produced in amazing 24-bit audio quality by musicians worldwide. They create music that follows high standards and also provide live vocal support. With this function, a vocal track will play along if a karaoke singer is unfamiliar with a song or needs some help along the way.

The SUNVIG catalog has songs in many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Scandinavian languages, Dutch, Italian, Korean and more. Altogether, this makes our song catalog one of the best catalogs available on the market.

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Our Mission

SUNVIG is always looking for ways to create environment-friendly products. So, we produce according to the strict RoHS guidelines. Our systems consume as little energy as possible and are decorated with LED lighting, instead of regular lighting, reducing our energy consumption further.

Did you know an average karaoke room throws out over 400 AA batteries per year for wireless microphones? We want to avoid this with our innovative rechargeable microphones. Their batteries last longe, creating less waste for landfill.

This way, we want to contribute to a healthy environment and a sustainable future.

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SUNVIG is keenly aware of the importance of stellar hygiene. A karaoke system needs to be cleaned regularly and efficiently, especially amid worrying times. We anticipated this need by integrating our mixers into the software, which means the machines don’t have unnecessary buttons or knobs—the result is a more refined, easier to clean system. Everything is displayed on one touchscreen.

The entire system is designed with as few rims and edges as possible; even the touchscreens have a seamless transition into the construction. Our products have smooth surfaces designed to make cleaning easy.

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